What is Retail Therapy?

Some people would define retail therapy as: "The action of shopping for clothes, etc., in order to cheer oneself up".

Our Definition:
"Retail Therapy 4 U (RT4U) is a holistic life movement. RT4U is a Meaningful Way for YOU to Help Treat Yourself."

RT4U offers useful information and innovative goods to create your personal utopia. Shopping with us Gives YOU a Feeling of PEACE.



RT4U offers you alternatives for naturally healing your temple.

  • Anointed Temple Treats - Fragrant Oils, Body Butter & Scrubs
  • doTerra Oils - Pure Essential Oils

We'll teach you how simple it is to increase your wellness.

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We happily offer fresh options to restore yourself and your home:

  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Beauty, Bath and Body Products
  • Household Cleaners

RT4U believes in finding good products to help you live a good life.

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We offer three styles of apparel and other wares to decorate your life.

  • African Style
  • American Style
  • Mexicano¬†Style

Life would be boring without beautiful colors and appealing textures.

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Who We Are...

We would like to get to know you better, so allow us to introduce ourselves.