About Us


Our Story

Team UTOPIA founded  Retail THERAPY 4 U as a service of UTOPIA: BiOcentric Cafe, in 2015. We want to offer you life-enhancing resources with no judgments about color, ​​beliefs, age, sex, or socioeconomic status.

Our Purpose

To Help Elevate the People of GOD.

When you pay for our goods, you contribute to the growth of GOD's People. RT4U is a by-product of REIGNbow ReNEWed, our ecumenical, Christian organization. We take an all-inclusive approach to meeting, teaching, and learning from diverse people.

Meet the Team

The Smith/Robinson Family owns and operates RT4U. Our goal is to offer products that aid life improvement and help those who are less fortunate. We're creating a legacy of prosperity and charity.


Pamela Robinson Smith . . .

is Founder & CEO.

She is an evangelist (Pam'ela: HIS Apprentice) and a coach. Pamela has a M.A. degree in Adult Education from the University of Phoenix. She is a wife; a mother of one adult son; and a stepmom to two
adult kids.


Will Robinson . . .

is Vice President.

He is an executive chef and a life coach. Will has a M.A. degree from the University of Southeastern. He is a husband; a father of two adult kids, and a stepdad to one
adult son.


Khary Smith-McCall . . .

is Executive Assistant.

He is a graduate of Union County College. Khary  also has a high school diploma from a college preparatory high school. Lastly, he offers experience in the retail industry.

Step 1

Collaboration is essential for prosperity, so we work with various vendors to offer you goods to (1) heal, (2) restore, and (3) decorate your life. Take the first step!